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If you have questions about the "African American Experience in Ohio" or any of the materials used in the project, please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Project Information
Angela O'Neal, Digital Projects Manager
Phone: (614) 297-2576

For items held at the Ohio Historical Center

Audiovisual Reproductions
Teresa Carstensen, Photoproduction Coordinator
Phone: (614) 297-2530; FAX (614) 297-2546

Photograph and Reproduction Services

Reference Requests

For items held at the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center

Digitizing the Collection

Due the variety of materials involved in the project, various scanners were used. The scanner used was dependent upon the material to be scanned.

The microfilm materials (primarily newspapers) were scanned using a Minolta MS3000 scanner.

A Minolta PS 3000 overhead scanner was used to scan serials, pamphlets and manuscript materials. One exception was the Eustatia Plantation book. Due to its large size, it a Tektronix digital camera was used for this item.

Photographs were scanned using a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 6100C flatbed scanner with Adobe Photoshop 4.0

All items were scanned at 400 dpi. Tiffs were created for all images. Equilibrium's DeBabelizer Pro 4.5 was then used to generate derivative gifs, small gifs and/or jpegs for each image.

An Access database holds descriptive information about the items in the digital collection along with the path to the digital image of the item. The web interface and search parameters for the database were constructed using ColdFusion.

About Item Descriptions

As there are varying media types involved in this collection, we needed to create fairly broad categories. Thus, not all fields apply to all items.

Square brackets [ ] sometimes surround title, author, or date information. This indicates that information within brackets was not printed on the original item, but reflects the information project staff believe to be correct.

Collection Title & Item Title

When providing titles for newspaper articles, the title that was originally printed on them was used, including quotation marks, misspellings, variant spellings and colloquial expressions. When there was no title, one was created for it.

In the case of serials and pamphlets, we used the titles that appeared on the original printed material.

Manuscript collection and item titles were generally those already used in finding aids

Photograph titles were created by project staff in order to reflect the subject matter portrayed.

Author's Name

The author's name is included as it appeared in the printed work.

Volume, Issue, Page Number, Number of Pages

We included information about the volume, issue, and starting page numbers when applicable. The number of pages was included to provide a sense of the length of items, particularly pamphlets and serial items.

Item Location, Call Number

To facilitate patrons who might wish to consult the original materials, it is noted whether the items are physically housed at the Ohio Historical Center or at the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center; the original call number is included.

Subject Headings

Each item is given at least one and no more than three Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). The subject headings were not applied in the strictest sense of library cataloging, but more as key words and concepts to search by.

Additional Information

Detailed information is known about particular photographs. Therefore, photographs have an additional descriptive field.

Project Staff

George Parkinson - Project Director
Charles Arp - Project Coordinator
Jeffrey J. Bartlett - Database/Web Technician
James Baugess - Scanner Operator
Janet Carleton - Project Manager (Sept. 1997- Feb. 1998)
Stacey Dietrich - Scanner Operator
Laurie Gemmill - Project Manager (March 1998-Feb.1999)
Monty Maceyko - Scanner Operator
Brandon Sutherland - Scanning/Data Entry
Melissa Wiford - Audiovisual Materials

This project would not have been possible without the generous assistance of many other people at the Ohio Historical Society. We appreciate all the effort of the people mentioned below.

Archives/Library, Ohio Historical Center

Gary Arnold, Connie Conner, Emily Hicks, Tom House, Duryea Kemp, Louise Jones and Reference Staff, James Sintz, Jeff Thomas, Judy Walker and Vernon Will.

National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center
Former Director Dr. John Fleming, Isabel Jasper, and Sue Parker

Copyright and Permissions

        The Ohio Historical Society is offering public access to the materials in "The African-American Experience in Ohio 1850 - 1920" for educational and research purposes only.

        Most of the materials within this electronic collection date from before 1915 and are presumed to be in the public domain. The rights of other materials have been dedicated to the public. However some materials may be protected by U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C.)


        The copyright law of the U.S. (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to make a photocopy or reproduction. One of the specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgement, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

        Reproduction of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission of the copyright owners. Responsibility for securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with the patron.


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