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Colonel Charles Young Collection, 1897-1931.

Colonel Charles Young was an army officer, expert mapmaker and musician. He had a long career as an officer where he served as military attache to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Monrovia, Liberia. Young is perhaps best known for his journey on horseback from Ohio to Washington, D.C. in which he attempted to prove his physical fitness. The army, nevertheless, did not promote Young to colonel until after he retired on disability.

This collection of correspondence, papers, and photographs was purchased at an auction in Wilberforce, Ohio in May, 1983. Military correspondence from 1916-1918 comprises the bulk of the collection, perhaps due to the controversy generated by Young's historic trip to Washington, D.C. Several notable correspondents are W.E.B. Dubois, Emmett Scott, Booker T. Washington, and Jesse E. Moorland. Unidentified black and white photographs also comprise a considerable portion of the collection.

Record types include military correspondence, military papers and notes, personal correspondence, manuscript material (including several plays and a speech by Young); receipts; scrapbook material, newspaper clippings; and photograph albums. Within each series, the documents are arranged chronologically. Included are two undated plays written by Young; "Freedom," and "Lake of Life," in which Young also sketched in stage directions, settings and music notes.

Only a few military notes and papers are included in the collection. Notes on Jamaica and on Native customary laws (perhaps from Liberia) are also found among the military notes. Many of Young's military reports and papers were destroyed by the Army in 1925. The National Archives holds a few of his maps and extensive references to Young's service in Haiti and Liberia.

The entire Young Collection is not avaliable on-line. Items not digitized include Young's financial papers, a dictionary, newspaper clippings,a magazine, and a "Muster-Out" roll.

The Colonel Charles Young Collection is part of the holdings of the Archives of The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, which is affiliated with OHS.

Military Correspondence 1897-1916
Military Correspondence 1917-1921
Military Notes and Papers
Personal Correspondence 1898-1931
Play and Speech by Colonal Young
Scrapbook Material

Military Correspondence 1897-1916

1Letter from Edward A. Clarke to Charles Burroughs
2Letter from Faustin S. Delany to Whom It May Concern
3Special Orders, No. 27, Extract 68 - Charles Young Will Proceed to Macon Georgia
4Letter from Secretary to the [U.S.] President to Charles Young
5Letter from Reed Paige Clarke to Dr. Booker T. Washington
6Letter from [Booker T. Washington?] to Mr. Reed Paige Clark
7Letter from Booker T. Washington to Charles Young
8Letter from [Charles Young?] to Dr. Booker T. Washington
9Letter from Captain U.S. Army, Military Attache to Hon. Dr. Wm Crum, American Minister Resident, Rep. Liberia
10Memo from O.G.V. [Oswald Garrison Villard?] to Dr. DuBois
11Letter from W.E.B. DuBois to Charles Young
12Letter from Assistant Adjutant General Howard to W.E.B. DuBois
13Letter from M.E. Lacey, Secretary for Oswald Garrison Villard to Charles Young
14Letter from Oswald Garrison Villard to Charles Young
15Letter from Lt. Colonel Assistant Adjutant General Howard to Charles Young
16Letter from Oswald Garrison Villard to Charles Young
17Letter from George W. Buchuer [?] Minister Resident to Charles Young
18Letter from Wilson Ballard to Hawkins
19Memo from Permit Office - Proceed to Holland
20Letter from Major Cav., Military Attache to Hon. R.C. Bundy, American Charge d'Affaires, Monrovia
21Letter from Charles Young to D.E. Howard, President, President of Liberia
22Letter from Charles Young to Justice Stewart
23Letter from Reed Paige Clark to Charles Young
24Letter from D.E. Harrison, President, Republic of Liberia to B.W. Payne, Reed Paige Clark, James F. Cooper and B.J. Davis
25Letter from D.E. Harrison, President and Commander in Chief to Major William H. York
26Recommendation from Colonel Brown regarding Charles Young
27Letter from Tracy? Adjutant General of the Army to Charles Young
28Letter from Charles Lee Cooke to Charles Young
29Letter from L.C. Dyer to Samuel B. Wallace and then from Samuel B. Wallace to Charles Young

Military Correspondence 1917-1921

1Letter from Brown to Charles Young
2Letter from James A. Cobb to Charles Young
3Letter from Charles Young to Harry Smith
4Special Orders, No. 91, Extract 26 - Board of Officers called for examination of fitness
5Special Orders, No. 119, Extract 23 - Charles Young will proceed to Presidio of San Francisco, California
6Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
7Special Orders, No. 136, Extract 19 - Captain Clark D. Dudley is member of examining board and Captain Thomas B. Esty is relieved
8Letter from W.C. Brown to Charles Young
9Letter from W.C.Brown to Charles Young
10Letter from W.E.B. DuBois to Charles Young
11Letter from Balloy to Colonel Brown
12Letter from W.C. Brown to Charles Young
13Special Orders, No. 144, Extract 11 - Charles Young will report to board for examination of fitness for promotion
14Letter from R.R. Moton, Principal of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute to President Woodrow Wilson
15Letter from W.C. Brown to Charles Young
16Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
17Special Orders, No. 158, Extract 56 - Charles Young will proceed to Columbus, Ohio and report for duty.
18Telegram from Whitney to Commanding Officer, Letterman General Hospital - Charles Young to proceed to Columbus
19Letter from Charles O. Lobeck to Guy B. Robbins
20Telegram from McCain to Charles Young
21Telegram from McCain Jackson to Charles Young
22Special Orders, No. 175, Extract 51 - Charles Young's retirement from active service as a colonel
23Special Orders, No. 175, Extract 52 - Lt. Col. Charles Young is placed on active military duty
24Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
25Letter from Dr. Wilson Ballard to [Charles Young?]
26Letter from W.P. Bayless to Charles Young
27Letter from [Charles Young?] to W.P. Bayless
28Letter from Charles Young to Adjutant General, U.S. Army
29Letter from Whitefield McKinlay to Charles Young
30Letter from Guy B. Robbins to Charles Young
31Letter from J.E. Moorland to Charles Young
32Letter from W. Johnston, Adjutant General to Dr. W.S. Scarborough
33Letter from Sammy [?] Wallou to Charles Young
34Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
35Letter from Sammy B. Wallou to Charles Young
36Letter from Charles Young to Emmett J. Scott
37Letter from [Charles Young?] to Arthur B. Spingarn
38Letter from Emmett J. Scott to James Wrouter
39Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
40Letter from Emmett J. Scott to [Charles Young?]
41Letter from Thomas Holgate to [Charles Young?]
42Letter from [Charles Young?] To Emmett J. Scott
43Letter from Sergeant B.M. McKay to Charles Young
44Letter from Charles Young to Secretary of War
45Letter from Charles Young to Secretary of War
46Memo from H.P. McBain - authority for public address by Charles Young
47Telegram from J.S. Tichenor to A.L. Jackson
48Memo from J.P. Keppel from E. Scott
49Letter from Jackson to Charles Young
50Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
51Letter from [Emmett J. Scott?] to Dean F.P. Keppell
52Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
53Letter from [Charles Young?] to Emmett J. Scott
54Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
55Memo for the Secretary of War in regards to Charles Young
56Letter from George W. Goethals to Charles Young
57Letter from Graves [?] to Charles Young
58Letter from Billy to Charles Young
59Telegram from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
60Letter from Charles Young to Emmett J. Scott
61Letter from Hawkins to Charles Young
62Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Dr. W.S. Scarborough
63Letter from Emmett J. Scott to Charles Young
64Letter from William Kelly, Jr. to Charles Young
65Letter from Twe to Wallace F. Jnovre [handwritten copy]
66Letter from D. Twe to Twe, Esq. [typed copy]
67Letter from Charles Young to Clarence I. Smith Jr.
68Letter from M. Carts Stewart to Charles Young - "Some Health Suggestions for Liberia"
69Letter from James Howard to Charles Young
70Letter from James Howard to Charles Young
71Letter from James Howard to Captain W.S. Boyle
72Letter from James Railey, Lt. Newport Volunteers to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Young
73Letter from John Anderson to Captain James Howard
74Letter from James B. Howard to Charles Young
75Letter from John H. Anderson to Captain James B. Howard
76Letter from H.O. Atwood from Edwin Barclay
77Letter from James Howard to Charles Young

Military Notes and Papers

1"The Colored American in War Work" from Office of Emmett J. Scottt, Special Assistant to the Secretary of War
2"The Colored Troops" from Office of Emmet J. Scott, Special Assistant to the Secretary of War

Personal Correspondence 1898-1931

1Letter from Wallace A. Clook to [Charles Young?]
2Letter from W.E.B. DuBois to Mr & Mrs. Charles Young
3Letter from W.E.B. DuBois to Charles Young
4Letter from W.E.B. DuBois to Charles Young
5Letter from G.A. Steward (Dock) to Charles Young
6Letter from Edwin C. Silsby to Charles Young
7Letter from Clarence I. Smith Jr. to Charles Young
8Letter from F.L. Stephens to Charles Young and Members Ticket for the Appomattox Club of the City of Chicago
9Letter from John Frecure to Charles Young
10Happy Birthday Card from Amy
11Letter from W.A. Stewart to [Charles Young?]
12Letter from F.R.C. Goodliffe to Charles Young
13Letter from Lottie to [Charles Young?]
14Letter from William Service Bell to Mrs. Young
15Letter from Charles Edward Russell to Miss Atwood
16Letter from "your boy Charles" to "Daddy"
17Letter from Charles Burroughs to Mrs. Young

Play and Speech by Colonel Young

1The Feet of the Liberian young men
2Notes for the play - "The Lake of Life"
3Outline of Episodes for play - "The North"
4Outline of Episodes for play - "The North"
5Notes for Episode I and 2 for the play "The North"
6Notes for Episode 2, 5 and 1 for the play "The North"

Scrapbook Material

1Program for "Married Ladies Afternoon Club of Xenia, Ohio"
2"The Negro in Wartime" Pamphlet
3Card of Mr. E.H. Gerald Shepherd, His Britannic Majestys Consul-General
4"I Have a Rendezvous with Death" by John McCraw [poem]
5"Against All Satan's Spells and Wiles" [poem/hymns?]


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