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The Forum

Racial Identification:African-American
Politics: Republican
Editor: John H. Rives
Published: Weekly; Dayton, Ohio; May 16, 1913 - 1949 [?]
Call #: Roll 39835; scattered issues 1918 - 1919

The Dayton Forum republican weekly was primarily a local paper. The paper published national and international news but emphasized local YMCA, NAACP, and community church activities. The Forum stressed education, organization and determination as a means of improving the condition of the race.

Volume 06

NOTE: Somtimes original published items contain mistaken information. Occasionally there is a duplicate issue number or erroneous date. This is especially prevalent in Newspaper publications.

In an effort to reflect the original document, we have kept the original volume, number and date on the item information. Yet in order to add clarity, we have indicated what we believe the original issue, volume or date should be.

For example:
  • Number 48 - December 7, 1918
  • Number 49 - December 14, 1918
  • Number 51 - December 21, 1918 (should be Number 50)
Although the Masthead (frontpage) reads Number 51, it should probably be issue Number 50.


1913 - 1949, selected issues

Images of selected articles and illustrations from the following issues:

Volume 06
June 07, 1918 - December 27, 1918


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