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The Informer

Racial Identification:African-American
Politics: Republican
Owner: E.W.B. Curry
Editor: E.W.B. Curry
Published: Monthly; Urbana, Ohio, 1897-[1924];
                    and Springfield, Ohio [1925-?]
Call #: Roll 13580, scattered issues, 1902-1920

The Informer, a religious and educational monthly, circulated nationally. News regarding the Baptist Church predominated, and the paper advocated "right thinking and right living" as a means to effect African-American advancement. The editor, E.W.B. Curry, believed "honest work" rather than agitation was a more profitable way to draw attention to the goals and practical capabilities of the black American. Curry maintained that racial issues confronting America had to be settled gradually, and only after African-Americans had become independent, self-respecting, and self-reliant, could this be accomplished. As a practical manifestation of his beliefs, Curry established a school following in the Tuskegee tradition, the Curry Normal and Industrial Institute in Urbana.

Professor E.W.B. Curry (1871-). Born in Delaware, Ohio,

Microfilm roll #B4119 available for purchase.

NOTE: Sometimes original published items contain mistaken information. Occasionally there is a duplicate issue number or erroneous date. This is especially prevalent in Newspaper publications.

In an effort to reflect the original document, we have kept the original volume, number and date on the item information. Yet in order to add clarity, we have indicated what we believe the original issue, volume or date should be.

For example:
  • Number 48 - December 7, 1918
  • Number 49 - December 14, 1918
  • Number 51 - December 21, 1918
               [should be Number 50]
Although the Masthead (front page) reads Number 51, it should probably be issue Number 50.


1902-1920, selected issues

Images of selected articles and illustrations from the following issues:

Volume 06
August 1902 - October 1918
Volume 07
July 1903 - September 1903
Volume 22
September 1918 - July 1919
Volume 23
August 1919 - October 1920

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