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Morgan Ray, Ex-Slave Narrative

Muir - editing                                 District #2.
Henry                                         Montgomery County
                                              Stories from Ex-slaves.

        Interview with Morgan Ray, 83, of 371 S. Broadway.

     "I wuz Just a little tike when de Civil War done ended
and I wuz sot free, erway down in Georgia.  Dat wuz over  70
years ago, a long, long time I reckon.  I ain't nevah been
a man to look back at de past much. Old folks wat do, I thinks,
are kinder chillish. I'm one at's allus been a lot more int'rested
in de present.  And since I left de Baptist church, dat I served
as deacon nearly 40 years, and joined de Pentecostal church,
I've been anxious about my life in de future - what's agoin' to
become of me,when I dies.  De church is in my heart, Glory be,
 and de Spirit of de Lawd done guide de church.  I love ever-
buddy, even my enemies, and I'm pledged to do good onto all men.
 I've vowed nevah to let one hour go by 'thout speakin' de Lawd's
 blessed name or praisin'Him.
      "But now's you alls done prod me about slav'ry days, I'll
 tells you what I members.  Sho' I'm not shamed of bein' a slave.
 Only so many things happened since I wuz a boy.  I farmed about
 50 years in Fayette Co., and Campbell Co. in Georgia.  I married
 three good women; de last one done die 28 years ago. I had
 chillun by each of dem, eighteen chillun in all. Four of dem
 live here, two sons and two daughters.  Dat's how I come to
 Dayton eleven years ago.  I ain't nevah asks anybuddy to keep
 me since de dey I wuz born.  I pays my daughter de room rent


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Morgan Ray, Ex-Slave Narrative


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