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Memo from O.G.V. [Oswald Garrison Villard?] to Dr. DuBois

May 15th 1913.

Memo for Dr. DuBois.

I have been in close consultation with Major General 

John F. O'Ryan,  the head of the National Guard and his adjutant, 

Col. R. F. Walton, on regard to the Negro regiment.  I am glad 

to tell you that Robert N. Wood is also eager to have Major Charles 

Young to head this regiment.  General  O'Ryan tells me privately 

that Major Young is his first, second and third choice.  Young has 

just received at this date, May 15th, a three months leave of absence, 

so it is supposed he is on his way here.  I have promised General 

O'Ryan that you will do your best to send him in to see Col. Walton.  

Col. Walton is a Southern regular army officer with a very high opinion 

of Young and is eager to co-operate with him and is determined that as 

long as the regiment has been ordered he will do his best to make it 

a success, and he tells me that he thinks if Young will take the colonel-

ship of this regiment, it will make almost every other regiment in New 

York sit up and take notice.

     At this writing I do not know whether Sulzer is going to sign 

the bill or not.

     Please do not overlook this matter in any way as I am sure it is 

a great opportunity for Young.


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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Memo from O.G.V. [Oswald Garrison Villard?] to Dr. DuBois


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