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Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903
46                   WOMAN'S M. M. SOCIETY

patronage toward educating men and women for the work of the
ministry of our Lord.
     Thanking you for whatever contribution you may make, I am
                        Yours in Christ's cause,
                               GEO. F. WOODSON, Sec'y P. T. S.

     Letter from Miss Charlotte Manye to the Corresponding Secretary.
                      PIETERSBURG P. O., TRANSVAAL.
* * How happy I was on April the 7th when your letter reached me
from far away Wilberforce. * * * * * * *
     I came to myself and looked round and saw many huts, thorn
trees, stony hills, a river, and our school house with its thatched roof,
strangely shaped windows, mud floor, one hundred and five boys and
girls, some dressed, others undressed, coming to our A. M. E. mis-
sion to be taught about Jesus. I knew then I was home teaching our
boys and girls, and not at my other home in America. * * * *
     I am in my second year in the field. I got out here when travel-
ing was difficult on account of martial law; but the Lord uses us even
during such times, and I went about trying to work among my people.
The Lord has blessed our work wonderfully: 19 Mite Missionary
societies, two Y. M. C. A. societies, and one Y. P. S. C. E. The
Lord has many times been pleased to bless souls in many revival
meetings, where with others I tried to say a word for Him. As you
see I am where my heart longed so much to be on account of the
darkness. I felt almost discouraged when I saw so few attending
church and who had something like clothes.
     When I came the old chief called the people and told them that
I had come to teach their children. They all were glad to see me
and it was announced that on the following week I would begin my
work.  On the 19th of January,  1903, I began here with about
twenty-five boys and girls. A few had been to school before but
there were eight girls who had on skin aprons, the entire garment
would measure less than two yards. My heart ached as I saw them
joining the primary class. I dressed them as well as I could. * *
    I thanked our dear Master because those dear girls came. The
next day three more girls came and knowing that the parents of these
girls did not want them to come to school, I asked them if they had
permission from their fathers.  They answered, "No;" so I said,
"Well, I will not write your names on our roll." They looked sad
when they left and the next day only one came. The other two
were lashed so that they were ill and could not come.


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

Woman's Mite Missionary Society, Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, Cincinnati, 1903

Date:  1903


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