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Negro in the Present Campaign
114                      CHURCH REVIEW.

   In 1883 he went to Savannah, Ga., to take charge of St. Philip's
Church, where he remained four years. In 1887 he returned to
South Carolina Conference, and was appointed to Marion; there
the Lord bountifully blessed his labors. In 1888 he took charge
of Morris Brown Church, in Charleston, where he labored three
years.  In 1891 he was appointed Presiding Elder of the George-
town District, which district prospered under his management
and care. A glance at the financial secretary's report shows that
this district, under the care of the Rev. Salter, raised the largest
amount of dollar money ever raised in the A. M. E. Church.
   He has been a delegate to five General Conferences, and has
always labored for the welfare of his Church. It will be seen at
once that his life has been one of ceaseless activity.  Rev. Salter
may not be a great scholar, but he is made of just the kind of
material that has made the A. M. E. Church what it is to-day.
He has been faithful to every duty, obedient to every law, earnest
in every effort, vigilant in season and out of season, and is in every
way worthy of the honor bestowed upon him by the members
of the Nineteenth Quadrennial Conference. He enters the Board
of Bishops carrying with him a heart overflowing with fervid
love for the A. M. E. Church and all its interests, and with a
force of character that strengthens faltering hopes, buoys up
languid faith and dispels grave uncertainties, if any there be, per-
taining to the future of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


                    BY FREDERICK DOUGLASS.

   THE Negro is now in the fierce blast of another Presidential
campaign. He is in it both as an agent and an object to be
benefited or injured by its result. No question of finance or
tariff can wisely be allowed to exclude him or his cause. Never
since his part in the late war, and in the reconstruction of the
Southern States, have his character and conduct been more in
question and more closely scanned than in the present tripartite
canvass. His intelligence and integrity will, in this election, be
put to a severer test than any heretofore applied to him.  It will
be well if he shall come out of it, as I hope and believe he will,
like pure gold, and without the smell of fire upon him.  It was to
his honor at the late National Republican Convention, that his
character and conduct gave the lie to his traducers.  He was
neither bought, sold nor seduced. So may it be with him in
the present campaign.
  All Presidential elections are important. Their influence is


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 09, Num. 2

Negro in the Present Campaign

Volume:  09
Issue Number:  02
Page Number:  114
Date:  10/01/1892


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