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Letter from Sammy [?] Wallou to Charles Young
E.R. Kinsey, President
W.E. Rolfe, Associate

City of St. Louis
Department of the President
Board of Public Service

					Oct. 18,17

Col. Chas. Young,
Wilberforce, O.
My Dear Friend:

Your letter and post-photo were duly received, 
and I thank you much for both.
	Your retirement is an absolute disgrace to the 
American people, but we must fight now rather 
than sit down and ...
	As I wrote you, it is my firm conviction 
that you will again be called into active service, 
but even that hope must not be an excuse for your 
friends to be lulled into desuetude. 
	The Roosevelt Division is going to be called as 
sure as can be, and if nothing else, this will 
give you your chance.
	Somehow I want to go with you, for your spirit 
of real genuine hard soldiering suits me to a tee.  
You musnt forget me when that time comes, for 
I presume the units of your commands will be 
organized in different sections of the country  
Perhaps I shall be in Washington at that time,

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Charles Young Collection

Letter from Sammy [?] Wallou to Charles Young


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