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Letter from Sergeant B.M. McKay to Charles Young
					Washington Bureau of 
					The Jersey Tribune
					80 Barnes Street

Sergt. B.M. McKay
494 La., Ave., N.W.

						Washington, D.C. April 11th 1918.

Col., Chas., Young,
U.S.A. Retired,

						Wilberforce, Ohio.

My dear Colonel:-

	I beg to submit for your consideration, the 
following, to wit:
		There is a large number of young colored men 
in the country, of good education and basic training, who are 
desirous of taking a course in military traing with a view when 
called to the color[crossed out "e"]s -many are subject to draft-to be able to 
qulaify as commissioned officers.  The number provided for at the 
various training camps is so limited that many of the best are 
precluded form taking the course.  I am the Secretary of an or-
ganization which has been working on a plan to establish a school, 
a miniature West Point, if you please, the object of which sall 
be to take in all young men with the requisite elementary educa-
tion and give them such training as General Ballou imparted at 
the Des Moine camp of instruction.  I have talked the matter o-
ver with many of our friends in congress and am strongly of the 
opinion that a liberal appropriation could be easily obtained 
for such a work.  Many prominent citizens of wealth and standing 
are interested and would contribute largely-if necessary-to 
such an enterprise.  All feel that-intentionally or not-a great 
injustice has been done you, and therefore, would like to see 
your splendid talents utilized in this crucial hour of our count-
rys need.  I am in communication with the officers of the Carnei-
ge foundation-they are deeply interested; also many other per-
sons of large means.  The only question now troubling me is where 
could an auspicious beginning be made?  Could Wilberforce take 
care of say five or six hundred young men?  I have investigated 
Bordentown N.J. and find their facilities limited-too much so 
I fear.  Your connection with this movement would serve two use-
ful purposes; First, give tone and character to it, and Second; 
insure your ultimate restoration to service (active) with fur-
ther promotion-I have no doubt that the republicans will re-
sume control of the givernment in all its branches in 1921, and 
that you will be given the further promotion to which you are so 
justly entitled.  I have a copy of the letter which you wrote my 
friend Whitefield McKinlay Aug., 16 1917, and have shown it to 
several of my friends in congress; they were amazed that you 
were retired in the way you were and all feel that an injustice 
has been done an able, efficient soldier.  Kindly let me hear 
from you with reference to this matter as I deem it of great im-
portance to the race.  
						B.M. Kay

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Sergeant B.M. McKay to Charles Young


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