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Recommendation from Colonel Brown regarding Charles Young
     Major Young served under me in 
garrison only a few weeks before we were 
on March 9th ordered out and marched from Fort 
Huachuca to Culbersons Rock to take part in the 
Punitive Expedition in Mexico.  I kept his squadron (the 2d) 
with me the entire time.
    His position - a colored officer with white officers 
under him - was peculiarly trying and called for the 
exercise of tack & good judgement, but so well did he 
conduct himself that not a single complaint reached my ears.
     He has a sympathetic disposition & is inclined to be 
easy rather than hard on enlisted men.
     He commanded his squadron well, and so 
far as I could see, commanded the respect of both 
officers and men of his command.
     He is undoubtedly the best educated and most 
Capable Colored man in the U.S. Army & I have 
no hesitancy in recommending him for the 
colonelcy of a colored Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.
     Energy, good judgement and loyalty to his 
superiors are his striking characteristics.

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Charles Young Collection

Recommendation from Colonel Brown regarding Charles Young


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