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Letter from [Charles Young?] to Dr. Booker T. Washington
Fort D.A. Russell, Wyo.,
November 24, 1911.

Dr. Booker T. Washington,
Tuskegee Institute, Ala.

My dear Dr. Washington:
                       In reply to your communication 
of the 18th instant, relative to the Military Attache' 
detail to Liberia, I wish to state that I am always 
willing to aid in any work for the good of the coun-
try in general and of our race in particular, whether 
that race be found in Africa or in the United States.
     Mr. Oswold Garrison Villard of the New York Eve-
ning Post, wrote me sometime ago asking if I would 
undertake the organization of a Negro Regiment in con-
nection with the New York National Guard, provided 
the War Department would consent to loaning me for 
such duty.  I consented, not knowing that I would be 
wanted for the "Homeland" detail.  Since then I have 
heard nothing of the progress of things in New York.
     Now if you and the War Department think I can be 
of more good to the country and our people on the 
African detail with Mr. Paige, I am perfectly will-
ing to go , and shall render him faithful and loyal 

     Always with the same esteem and friendship, 
                          Your sincere,

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from [Charles Young?] to Dr. Booker T. Washington


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