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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902
                 FRIDAY MORNING, 9 O'CLOCK.
    The Association assembled at Antioch Baptist church.  De-
votional services were conducted by Rev. R. D. Grant, who read
a Scripture lesson from Psalm 91.  Song, "Jesus is My Rock."
Prayer by Rev. C. H. Washington.
    The Journal of the previous session was approved.  The re-
ports of Clerk Curry and Treasurer Everett were received and
    The following corresponding messengers were appointed:
    Eastern Union of Ohio, H. C. Bailey ; Chain Lake Associa-
tion of Michigan, G. W. Jones General of Kentucky, R. D.
Grant; East Centrrl of Kentucky, T. Timberlake; East Indiana,
William Steele and L. W. Gray; Mount Vernon, Indiana, G. W.
Wyatt: Western Union Baptist S. S., J. M. Green and Miss Cora
Steward; State Convention, H. D. Prowd, J. J. Jackson, E. W.
B. Curry, G. W. Wyatt, P. Everett, R. D. Grant, A. A. Hamp-
ton, D. R. Jones, E. J. Woodard,  William Balay, and G. W.
Jones; Providence, A  A. Hampton; National Convention,  P.
Everett. H. D. Prowd, E. W. B. Curry, R. Meridith, W.  H.
Steward. W. H. Grimes, C. Stribling, R. D. Grant, C. H. Wash-
ington, J. J Watson, W. T. Hill, and the pastors of Cincinnati;
Pennsylvania Association, E. W. B. Curry; Woman's Auxiliary
to National and State Convention,  Mrs. William Balay, Mrs.
Mattie Hardman, Mrs. D. R. Jones and Miss Cora Steward.
    Rev. William Balay made his report on the Shelton Monu-
ment.  He stated that the original debt had been paid in full,
and by the payment of $4 80 interest, the entire matter would be
cleared. Rev. Everett and Prof. Curry were appointed to close
the final settlement of the Shelton Monument.
    Lebanon was selected as the place of meeting for 1903.
    By motion all legal bills were ordered paid. The following
reports were received and adopted : Temperance, Education and
    The report on Obituary was placed in the hands of the Clerk
with draft resolution in memory  of ex-Moderator Rev. J. W.
    By motion the funds of 1902 for Superanuated Ministers was
contributed to Rev. William Balay.
    All candidates for ordination were requested to meet the Ohio


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Pamphlet Collection

Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902


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