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Letter from L.C. Dyer to Samuel B. Wallace and then from Samuel B. Wallace to Charles Young
     Sixty-Fourth Congress.

         Edwin Y. Webb, N.C., Chairman.
Charles C. Carlin, Va.      Henry J. Steele, Pa.
Robert Y. Thomas, Jr., Ky.  J. Randall Walker, Ga.
Joseph Taggart, Kans.       Andrew J. Volstead, Minn.             Committee On The Judiciary,
William L. Igoe, Mo.        John M. Nelson, Wis.
Warren Gard, Ohio.          Dick T. Morgan, Okla.                    House of Representatives U.S.,
Wm. Elza Williams, Ill.     Henry G. Danforth, N.Y.
Richard S. Whaley, S.C.     George S. Graham, Pa.                       Washington, D.C.
Harry H. Dale, N.Y.         Walter M. Chandler, N.Y.
Thaddeus H. Caraway, Ark.   Leonidas C. Dyer, Mo.
M.M. Neely, W. Va.          Hunter H. Moss, Jr., W. Va.
              A.L. Quickel, Clerk.                                            June 21, 1916.

Mr. Samuel B. Wallace, 
c/o Board of Public Service,
St. Louis, Mo.

My dear Sam:-

     I have your letter of June 19th, with refer-

ence to Major Charles Young, and a colored volunteer 

regiment for service with Mexico.  I know very well 

the splendid services heretofore rendered by Major 

Young and the fact that he is one of our most splendid 

officers of the regular Army.  I will take this matter 

up with the Secretary of War along the lines suggested 

by you and do anything I can to assist you as indicated 

in your letter.  I do not know of course, whether there 

will be war with Mexico or not, but if there is I am 

quite sure that opportunity for Colonel Young will be 

given.  I at least hope it will.

With kind regards and best wishes, I am
Very truly yours, 

L.C. Dyer

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Charles Young Collection

Letter from L.C. Dyer to Samuel B. Wallace and then from Samuel B. Wallace to Charles Young


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