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Letter from Charles Young to Justice Stewart
Monrovia, October 18th, 1915.

My dear Justice Stewart:

     In view of pressing affairs connected with the very 
life of the Government, perhaps; and which are not unknown to 
you.  I can only take a moment to reply to your letter of this 
date.  Only the importance of the case and the nearness of it 
to the heart of a friend, your heart, could prompt me to it at 
this time.  Now to it:
     Answer to query 1.- Yes, the Military Code prepared by 
me has been utilized by the Frontier Force and taught by me 
to Officers and Cadets.  It is now in press and ought to be 
finished soon.  The trouble lay with the Legislature.  Only 
the House has approved it, the Senate having put it on the 
table as unfinished business.  But the President directed its 
use provisionally before legislative action.
     Answer to query 2.- No; prior to last month I have never 
instructed the militia, because I do not like the compulsory 
service imposed upon the citizens in time of peace.  I think 
it wrong and have so stated to the President.
     I was not sent here to train militia but the Frontier 
Force; and have been obliged to confine myself to my mission.
     Answer to query 3.- Yes, I supervised the payments of 
the Frontier Force for the purpose you state and am doing so 
now.  I have never relinquished my hold on the job in spite 
of the point of view of a certain class of Liberian politicians, 
who has insisted and perhaps right constitutionally, that no 
stranger should be permitted to handle the War Department 
     Answer to query 4.- Yes.  But the attack was upon the 
Receivership whose agent I was, in handling the funds for the 
upkeep of the Frontier Force.
     The Liberian Government has always contended with the 

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Letter from Charles Young to Justice Stewart


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