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Dulcina Baker Martin, Ex-Slave Narrative

File                                              District #6
Copied                                            Clark County
1/15/41                                           Racial Group

                  DULCINA BAKER MARTIN
             (Deceased-died July 8, 1937)

                Ex-slave, age 78 years.

     " I was bawn en Winchester, Kaintucky, en 1859.  I wuz er slave,

but I was so young dat I doan know much cept what I member hearin'

my fam'ly tell bout happenin'."

     "Mother en father wuz Martha en George Baker.  Dey wuz owned by

Jack Rutledge, but jes' why dey diden' carry his name I doan know;

Kaze mos' all slaves went by de name er dey white folks.  Mother wuz

er cook, en father wuz er carpenter.  He traveled 'roun en done car-

penter wuk long for freedom. Dey wuz several chillun of us, but all

died when dey wuz little babies, cept brother Henry en me.  He live

 ter be a real successful Baptist minister en pasored er church en

Winchester en later years."

       "Us diden' live en er cabin.  It seems like Rugledge liked

 father pretty well, en let him build us er fair size house clost

 ter their'n.  It was frame, en wuz er farily nice place."

      "Rutledge had er farm, en mos' de food wuz brought in fum it

 fer'de table, en us all faired real well."

      "When freedom come dey wuz sich er demand fer carpenters dat

 father had all de wuk he wuz able ter take keer of.  He done save a

 little money, en bought er little piece of land in Winchester, en

 built us er nice place.  Us used our front room en all de house fer


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Dulcina Baker Martin, Ex-Slave Narrative


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