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Letter from Charles Young to Emmett J. Scott
					Wilberforce, Ohio, Oct. 29, 1917.

Hon. Emmett J. Scott,
Special Asst., War Dept.

My dear Friend:

	Replying to your favor of the 23rd instant, I wish to 
assure you that you can count upon me for the most hearty 
co-operation looking to your success in your new duties, 
and that without embarrassing you in any way.  The service 
you are rendering to the race and country is too important 
to allow, on our part any selfish interests whatever to 

	I need not add that I believe you will receive like 
support from all other right thinking men.

	Re the memorandum upon which you wished to consult me, 
I would be only too happy to come your way, if you can get 
the permission (not necessarily orders) from the Secy. of 
War for my coming.  You see the Order (S. O. #175 W. D.) 
that retired me from active service, redetailed me on active 
duty with the Militia of the State of Ohio.  (See enclosures 
herewith, which may throw light on the subject.)  As there is 
no militia I have no duty to perform at present.  Peculiar 

	Wishing you every success in your highly important duties
							Sincerely yours,
								Chas. Young
							Colonel U.S. Army Retired.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Charles Young to Emmett J. Scott


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