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Colored American Republican Text Book
to insure his peace and material well being. The great work
which the Administration has done in the line of Negro recog-
nition is graphically illustrated by the subjoined roster, which
gives some of the more important positions to which eminent
Negroes have been assigned since the advent of the present re-
gime. From this roster is omitted dozens of army appointments,
scores of civil service appointments, promotions and retentions,
State recognition, and hundreds of minor departmental positions,
which are the legitimate fruits of the great victory of 1896, and
which should be placed to the credit of the Administration.

  J. W. Lyons, register of the Treasury.
  H. A. Rucker, collector internal revenue, Atlanta, Ga.
  J. H. Deveaux, collector of customs, Savannah, Ga.
  C. C. Wimbish, collector of port, Atlanta, Ga.
  R. R. Wright, paymaster in army.
  Rev. C. T. Walker, chaplain in army.
  Dr. George C. Stoney, surgeon in army.
  E. R. Belcher, deputy collector customs, Brunswick, Ga.
  M. P. Morton, postmaster, Athens, Ga.
  I. H. Lofton, postmaster, Hogansville, Ga.
  J. T. Jackson, postmaster, Darien, Ga.
  Dr. A. M. Curtis, surgeon-in-chief, Freedmen's Hospital.
  Rev. B. W. Arnett, jr., chaplain in army.
  John R. Lynch, paymaster in army.
  James Hill, register of lands, Jackson, Miss.
  Frank P. Brinson, postmaster, Duncansville, Miss.
  Thomas Keys, postmaster, Ocean Springs, Miss.
  H. P. Cheatham, Recorder of Deeds, D. C.
  John C. Dancy, collector of port, Wilmington, N. C.
  Dr. J. E. Shepard, internal revenue service, North Carolina.
  Rev. O. L. W. Smith, minister to Liberia.
  John T. Williams, consul, Sierra Leone, Africa.
 Mrs. S. E. Jones, postmistress, Bladen county, N. C.
  Colin Anthony, postmaster, Scotland Neck, N. C.


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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