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Sallah White, Ex-Slave Narrative

File							District #6
Copied							Clark County
1/15/41							Racial Group.


			     Ex-slave, age unknown.

	"I jes' cant say how long I been livin', but I wuz er young 

woman when de war wuz goin' on."

	"My grandmother en grandfather, en my mother en five of us

chillun wuz owned by Cap'n en Miss Tea Kelly, of Co'win, Tennessee."

	"Mother wuz one o' de cooks; grandfather wuz er overseer, en

grand-mother she wuz er weaver.  Dey wuz er weaver fer sure, en right 

pretty too."

	"I wuz raised in de house with de kids of de Kellys.  Cap'n Kelly

give me ter Miss Tea when she wuz er little girl en I wuz jes' er 

baby.  Dey kep' me en de house, en I slep' unner Miss Tea's bed, en

er trunnerl bed.  When Miss Tea married en her chillun come along, I 

wuz de nurse fer em."

	"Kellys done teach mos' all dey slaves ter read en write, cept dem

what diden' wanna learn."

	"I was stole onct en sol' down en Gawgia, ter Alex Hannah.  He

wuz er slave trader en mean as de debbil he'self.  En he had overseers

dat ud soon as not kill er man fe he diden' let em whip him."

	"I run off fum Hannah's place en got back ter Marse Kelly's, safe.

I follered er star what I uster watch come down over Miss Tea' window,

en I kin point it out yet.  Kelly's slaves nebber wuz whipped by none

o' dem patrollers, kaze he diden' 'low none of em whipped."

	"I went to de Hardshell Baptist Church with Miss Tea Kelly en

Marse Kelly.  Dey uster sing er song I nebber aint forgot yet:
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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Sallah White, Ex-Slave Narrative


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