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Notes for Episode 2, 5 and 1 for the play "The North"
Spirits of Religion and Education.


The Spirit of Religion, the pure, the undefiled, I have fol-
lowed the foot-steps and all thy goings, Oh Ethiopia's 
flawless Race!
I have healed thy bruised and bleeding heart and 
placed a smile upon thy life and song upon thy tongue!
Have lessened thy every sorrows smart and thy 
sorrow's darkest night have held sweet Hope before thy 
tear-... page.
	And because, oh boys and girls of Ghenoura, thy 
sires have heard my voice and follow my counsels, 
Lord Christ in his compassion has sent me with 
my meek-eyed hand maiden Education here, to help 
you to the heights.
[crossed out words "Three trials"] I charge thee Ever hold my hand!
					Ever hold my hand!
					Ever hold my hand!

Genius of Opportunity.
Servant of Fortune  	veiled and blind; [crossed out word "three"] opportun-
ity and with my gifts, learning, riches, honors, 
happiness I come to all alike who look upon 
me with a single eye!
	Speak of Goddess thy decree for Ethiopias

[typed upside down on bottom of page]
and when he is a tyrant and persecutor ob men he is a very pore 
man at dat.

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Charles Young Collection

Notes for Episode 2, 5 and 1 for the play "The North"


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