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Letter from Thomas Holgate to [Charles Young?]
Northwestern University
Evanston - Chicago

Office of the President
University Hall
Evanston, Illinois

					February 8, 1918.

Dear Sir:

	Northwestern University at Evanston, 
Illinois, has been conducting military drill for the 
past year, first, under an officer now a Major in the 
National Army who had had experience in the Spanish 
war, and latterly, under a Canadian officer.

	There are at present some five hundred men 
under training, and we are anxious to secure the es-
tablishment of a Reserve Officers' Training Corps.  
To do so an officer of the regular army of the United 
States of five years' standing, either active or 
retired, must be detailed, and I am writing to ask if 
you are in a position to consider such an assignment.  
It frequently happens that an officer unable to dis-
charge regular duties can take a University detail

					Yours sincerely,
					Thomas Holgate  

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Thomas Holgate to [Charles Young?]


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