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Ira Aldridge, A Great American Negro Actor of the Past Century
                   IRA ALDRIDGE.                  117

its opening, was placed in my Solo Singing Class, where she
remained under my tuition for three years.
    "I found her during the whole of that time studious, in-
telligent and attentive, and being musically gifted also (and a
good piano player), I feel confident that she has attained a real
insight into the art of singing, and a correct judgment as to
the formation and healthy development of the voice.
    "Her teaching, consequently, particularly as her experi-
ence increases, ought to become very good. I have therefore
no hesitation in recommending her as a master of singing.
                             "Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt."
    The Swedish Nightingale taught but three years in the
Royal College, from 1883 to 1886, sending out but one class;
and Miss Aldridge has the honor of being one of that choice
few. In 1887, Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt passed away. Miss
Aldridge is teaching with success and has won considerable
fame as composer, public singer and pianist; but as a vocalist,
she is probably surpassed by her sister, Miss Luranah Ald-
ridge, who has appeared in all the most important opera houses
in England and on the Continent. The great Charles Gounod
in a letter addressed to Sir Augustus Harris, said she possessed
the most beautiful contralto voice he had ever heard.
    Miss Aldridge, the teacher, is blessed with a handsome
presence and most engaging manners, and her patrons com-
mend her patience and kindness as much perhaps as they do
her ability. I was specially attracted to two recommenda-
tions, one from Lady Cox, the other from Lady Bowen. The
former speaking of Miss Aldridge, says: "She has a thorough
knowledge of the culture of the voice, and also the rare gift of
imparting that knowledge to her pupils." The latter says that
she "is much satisfied with her method of teaching; with the
pains she takes in giving her instructions." Another patron
says, "Her patience and kindness are very great."
                                        Wilberforce, Ohio.


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 29, Num. 2

Ira Aldridge, A Great American Negro Actor of the Past Century


Volume:  29
Issue Number:  02
Page Number:  113
Date:  10/1912


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