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Letter from G.A. Steward (Dock) to Charles Young
				Tuskegee Institute, Alabama,
					June 19, 1917.

Dear Colonel Young:

	You will be surprised to get this letter from your old
acquaintance and friend, Dock Steward, for that is the writer.
But as I am one of Mr. Scott's assistants and know that he is
sending you a line, I thought I would slip this in the same en-

	Winona and I have been here at Tuskegee for nearly two
years and we are getting along all right at this writing.  Mrs.
Coleman, Winona's mother, is here with us right now and will
be until some time next month, when she and Winona are going
back to Ohio for the rest of the summer.  You probably know that
Winona and I have a little daughter now 10 months old.

	I saw your wife and children when I was at Wilberforce last
summer awaiting the arrival of my own little girl.  I was glad
to make their acquaintance.  Patsy was there at the time, and
he and I had some long old time chats together.  Sorry I could
not have seen you at that time.

	I suppose Patsy has gone to the camp at Des Moines.  When
I saw him in Louisville last fall he said that he intended to
get in on this big scheme if the United States adopted the
universal liability to military training policy.  I take it
for gratned that he has gone to Des Moines.  I have an unanswered
letter from him now in my desk, and must write to him soon.

	All of us are wondering what you are doing at the hospital
in The Presidio.  Mrs. Coleman, Winona and I are not at all
hesitant in saying that we think there may be some politics in
the thing.  I know you would resent our saying so, but we hope
that it is not scheme to keep you out of the present game.
We had been told that you were going to help in the direction
of the camp at Des Moines, and were much surprised, and not a
little concerned, when we learned of your being ordered to
The Presidio for observation and treatment.

	If you think it worth while, I shall be glad to hear from
you.  Remember that all of us who have known you for so long,
are wishing for you only that which you most desire yourself,
and we trust that you will soon be discharged from the hospital,
feeling fit, and ready for the next duty.

			Sincerely yours,


Address me G.A. Steward,
	Box 82, 
	Tuskegee Institute, Alabama.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from G.A. Steward (Dock) to Charles Young


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