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Colored American Republican Text Book

Philippines will be submitted to the same process of reasoning,
and sober-minded Americans will be satisfied, when the heat
of war has passed. We are a mercurial people, given more to
spasm than to conservative thought, and the presence of a sage
like McKinley in the White House is a God-send.  Politicians
may rave and tear their locks, amid imprecation and direful
prophecy, but the sturdy pilot at the wheel remains unruffled,
and keeps the nose of the Old Ship of State moving forward in
the center of the stream. McKinley can be trusted, and the peo-
ple will give ample testimony of their confidence at the Novem-
ber election.
  The war scandal left the President unscathed. The searching
investigation ordered by him revealed nothing but careful and
painstaking efforts to save the national honor, at the cost of as
few lives as possible. The civil service was reached as soon as
it could be disposed of with dignity and propriety, and the con-
mon-sense modifications have immeasurably  strengthened the
Republican party. The triumphal tour across the continent is
daily stirring anew the enthusiasm of 1896, and puts to shame
the sulkers and false prophets. Prosperity comes on, regardless
of the whims of Democratic calamity howlers and silver infla-
  In the midst of all this clamor and clash, the figure of Presi-
dent McKinley towers over the situation like a giant. He domi-
nates the scene by virtue of a striking personality, unquestioned
integrity, broad Christianity, and patriotism of the sturdiest

  The only hope of establishing a government by consent in
these islands is through the fostering and educating care of the
United States of America.  Every American knows that these
islanders will be given the right of self-government just as rap-
idly as they show an ability to care for its duties, and Mr. Bryan
and his Democratic following are doing their level best to post-
pone the day when the Philippines shall know the blessings of
liberty.--Kansas City Journal.


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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