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Black Battalion: Speech of Hon. Joseph B. Foraker of Ohio in the Senate of the United States, 1908

ent men who have called upon you. If you will kindly keep me in-
formed, I will be still further obliged.
      Very truly, yours, etc.,                        J. B. FORAKER.
  On October 21 I next heard from him. He wrote on that day
as follows:
                                     MONROE, GA., October 21, 1908.
  DEAR SIR: Yours of the 12th of October--
  The one I have just read--
                                    MONROE. GA., October 21, 1908.
  DEAR SIR: Yours of the 12th of October was received and read with
pleasure and care.
  Well, Mr. FORAKER, I will finish my story about the detectives.  I
am glad I didn't tell you about Mr. Brown at first, because he has
made another trip here; his first visit was the 6th of October and the
last on the 11th.
  Mr. Brown walks in and asks, "Is this Boyd Conyers?"  I told him
it was, and he said, "You are the man I am here after." I said, " Well,
I am here; guess you can get me; I am not gone anywhere;" and he
said, "No.  I am not after you this time.  I want to talk with you
and see if you will tell me the same story you have told others about
this Brownsville affair."  I said, "Sir, I haven't told anybody more
than I told in Washington, and that was nothing but the truth."
Then he said, " Now, Boyd, I remember that. I am not here to do you
any harm.  I am here to protect you, and don't you be afraid to tell
me the whole story about Brownsville; let me hear from you."
  The VICE-PRESIDENT.            The hour of 2 o'clock having ar-
rived, the Chair lays before the Senate the unfinished business,
which will be stated by the Secretary.
  The SECRETARY.  A joint resolution (S. R. 74) suspending the
commodity clause of the present interstate commerce law.
  Mr. KEAN.  As  the Senator from West Virginia  [Mr. EL-
KINS], the chairman of the Committee on Interstate Commerce,
is absent, I ask that the unfinished business be temporarily laid
  The VICE-PRESIDENT.  The Senator from New Jersey asks
that the unfinished business be temporarily laid aside.  Without
objection, it is so ordered.
  Mr. FORAKER  (reading):
  I said, "Mr. Brown, I have told you all I know and that I stated
in Washington." He said, "Well, I know you haven't, for you told
two men here in this town that you help to do the shooting."
  This is Mr. Brown testifying.  He appears upon the scene--
I said, " I don't care if one of the white preachers of Monroe told you."
I told him that he told a lie. He said, "No; it wasn't any preacher
that told me; it was Lawson (the negro detective) said he had witness
to prove it," and I said, "Please tell me the witness that Lawson has
to prove."  "I talked with him," he said, "I don't know the negro,
but he said his name is Parker."  I said, "Well, if that is his name
he is the one that gave Lawson's secret away; hadn't been for him
Lawson would 've been here now trying to get a chance to talk with me.
I said, "Mr. Brown, Lawson had nothing to do but come up to me
and say, 'I want to talk with you' and I would have talked with
him, because I am not afraid to talk to no man." He said, "Well,
Boyd, we sent Lawson here especially to see you about this Browns-
ville affair, and he sent us facts that no other man couldn't have found
out about you, and it was not any make-up; he got it from you be-
cause he couldn't have got it from anybody else but you." I said, "As
many papers that are printed in this world nobody had nothing to do
but pick up one and read about this Brownsville affair and make up
anything they want to about it."  Then he said, "Lawson can't neither
read or write." Then I said, "There you are.  Mr. Brown, it's true,


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Black Battalion: Speech of Hon. Joseph B. Foraker of Ohio in the Senate of the United States, 1908



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