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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session
           BY EMMETT J. SCOTT                    7

  When the world's tokens of affection and re-
spect were laid upon his bier nine months ago the
outstanding tribute was that this man had spent
himself for his fellows. Well did Henry Watterson,
Southerner of Southerners, say: "The death of
Booker Washington is a national misfortune, for
his life was a national benefaction. His towering
figure for more than a generation was a pillar of
fire to lead his people out of the darkness of igno-
rance, indolence and error. He was the Negro's
wisest and bravest teacher and leader. He devoted
his life, every day of it, every energy of it, to bring-
ing the Negro real freedom and to respected and
self-respecting citizenship. His work, great in its
purpose, great in its results, was monumental."
  Fit complement of this expression from Henry
Watterson was that of the Sage of Sagamore Hill,
the militant, incarnate evangel of the Square Deal,
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, who, when informed
of the death of his friend, said: "He was one of
the distinguished citizens of the United States, a
man who rendered greater service to his own race
than had ever been rendered by any one else, and
who in doing so also rendered great service to the
whole country. I mourn his loss and feel that one
of the most useful citizens of our land has gone."
  My friends, it is worth while to have lived and
to have deserved such encomiums as these, one


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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session



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