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Colored American Republican Text Book

Hon.  John P. Green Presents a Few Facts in Favor of Mr.
                McKinley's Administration.
                (From The Colored American.)

  Permit me to say, here and now, that I am positively and un-
qualifiedly in favor of the renomination and reelection of Presi-
dent McKinley, for the following reasons, in part:
  First, his Administration has given us an honest and conserva-
tive Government; has maintained our financial integrity, abol-
ished soup houses, and given work to all who are able and willing
to work, at increased wages.
  Second, under his wise and statesmanlike leadership, Cuba
has been liberated at a minimum of cost in blood and treasure,
and large and valuable tracts of territory added to our domain.
The possession of these "colonies" will stimulate our manufac-
turing and commercial industries, and furnish valuable markets,
in the near future, for the products of the farm, the mine, the
loom, the factory and mills and furnaces. This is what we need
and must have.  Further, President McKinley has given more
official patronage to the colored American than any other Presi-
dent before him; and would have done more for the colored Re-
publicans of the South, if the murderous assaults made on federal
appointees there had not discouraged it. I speak advisedly when
I say that the colored American has drawn more dollars under
McKinley's Administration than ever before.
  Third, I favor President McKinley, because I know him to
be our friend.
  Now, what are the charges preferred against the President by
some of our people, by reason of which they advise colored men
to abandon the Republican party and ally themselves with the
Democratic party, dominated by the Southern wing, which has
suppressed our vote, colonized us in "Jim Crow" cars, and are
daily engaged in horribly mutilating and murdering us?
  They censure the President because he has not sent federal
troops into the South to prevent lynching; and they point to the
Administration of Grant, in contrast. The cases are not par-


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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