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New Negro [poem]
           The New Negro
HE IS NEW, he is old as the forests primeval.
Stark in their nakedness of limb,
His forebears roamed the jungle and led the chase.
Crystalized by the heat of Oriental suns,
God made him a rock of undecaying power,
To become at last the nation's corner stone.
Rough hewn from the jungle and the desert's sands,
Slavery was the chisel that fashioned him to form,
And gave him all the arts and sciences had won.
The lyncher, mob, and stake have been his emery wheel,
TO MAKE A POLISHED MAN of strength and power.
In him, the latest birth of freedom,
God hath again made all things new.
Europe and Asia with ebbing tides recede,
America's unfinished arch of freedom waits,
Till he, the corner stone of strength,
Is lifted into place and power.
Behold him! dauntless and unafraid he stands.
He comes with laden arms,
Bearing rich gifts to science, religion, poetry and song.
Labor and capital through him shall find
The equal heritage of common brotherhood,
And statesmanship shall keep the stewardship
Of justice with equal rights and privileges for all.
HE KNOWS HIS PLACE, to keep it
As a sacred trust and heritage for all,
To wear God's image in the ranks of men
And walk as princes of the royal blood divine,
ON EQUAL FOOTING everywhere with all mankind.
With ever-fading color on these shores,
The Oriental sunshine in his blood
Shall give the warming touch of brotherhood
And love, to all the fused races in our land.
He is the last reserve of God on earth,
Who, in the goodly fellowship of love,
Will rule the world with peace.
                            REVERDY C. RANSOM.


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Item Description

Reverdy C. Ransom Collection

New Negro [poem]



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