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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3
          SKETCH OR BIOGRAPIIY OF MY LIFE.            289

pany another colored man up the country to the diggings.  Here
we underwent a great many hardships, which ended in total loss
of money, and almost ruin.
  Returning to Melbourne, my friend went to sea, and I took up
employment, as footman to die, Attorney-general, Mr. R.D.
lrland. This appointment I kept but a short time, though I was
well treated and my employer was slow to part with me; yet,
I did not like the job.
  I then took a berth on board one of the P. & O. S. N.
Co.'s steamers, "Bangalore."  My first voyage was to Bombay,
India; then to China, Shanghai, Yokohama, Pinang, Singapore
and at Colon, an island near India; then up the Red Sea to Suez,
calling at Aden and other points, and(returning to Bombay.
Here (in Bombay) I met a few colored men from the West In-
dies and America.  By their inducements, I joined the Great
Indian Peninsular Railway as stoker, or fireman, us it is called
in India.  Here I worked as apprentice engineer for two years,
when something turned up which caused myself and a number
of junior hands to leave.
  I then went up the country to a place called Agra, where I
joined the Rappootana State Railway, as this line was then
called. This was in 1874. I joined on a salary of sixty ru-
pees per month, and in due time received my promotion, and
have been receiving the maximum salary for the past 8 years;
viz., 200 rupees per month.  From the time I joined the Bomi-
bay Railway to this time, I have been out of employment for
only one month (April, 1874).
  I was married at Agra, in May, 1876, to what is called a Eura-
sian, or half-breed.  I took part in running the Prince of Wales'
special trains, while in this part of India, on his visit to this
country.  I have been on the passenger and special service
trains for many years.  In May, 1886, I obtained six months'
leave and returned to my native country for the first time in 22
years.  And 0, what changes I found! It would be impossible
for me to express my feelings when I set foot on my native
shore.  One sister, quite a small child when I left, had grown
into womanhood; my brothers had large families and my old
school-master, now the Rev. S. T. Warner (an American gentle
man from Philadelphia), received me with open arms. It was
while spending these few months with my friends that I saw
the A. M. E. Church Review.  On my return, I called to see my
old friend, Mr. Fletcher, in England.  He was overjoyed to see
me, and had me spend a week with him, treating me this time as
a guest, and not as a servant.  During my stay with him, I had
the honor of being introduced to several persons, notably, Lady
Blunt, and others. He took great delight in introducing me as
"a colored man who has shown the world that there is some
good in his race."  I  drove out in his carriage many times,
sometimes to garden parties.  It was one of the most pleasant
weeks I have ever spent, I had the honor of visiting Windsor
Castle, one of the Queen's residences. We went nearly all over


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3

Volume:  06
Issue Number:  03
Date:  01/1890


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