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Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner
Millikins Bend La. 9th Vols. A.D.
May 18th 1863

Well Sis I received a letter from you at Last.  Yesterday I 
received one from you and one from Sister Fanny at St Louis it is 
a letter full of humility and affection.  She had the verses 
published which I sent to her and sent me back a copy cut out of 
a paper.  I have preserved it an her letter carefully and will 
send them to you when the Mail is more regular.  Did you get 
Fanny's letter and my answer to it which I sent her?  I sent them 
both to you.  Write to her or get Sake to write.
I am well and hearty. We have about 250 men recruited for the 9th 
Regt.   your letter was dated April 23 Fanny's was the 27th.  
Direct to "Mrs. Fanny Brunner Brunner House, St. Louis  Mo." The 
weather is quite warm but not very oppressive.  It is clear and 
dry and if I have my health I will get along finely I am now 
commanding the company.

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Jacob Bruner Papers

Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner


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