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Lucy Ann Warfield, Ex-Slave Narrative
File 							District #6
Copied							Clark County
1-15-41							Racial Group



			     Ex-slave, age said to be 117 years.

	"Lordy, chile, I'se been old so long, dat de 'fliction of years

mek me fergit lots en lots I mought tell you.  I wuz bawn en Jass'min

County, Kaintucky, but I caint say what year, kaze white folks diden

keep no 'count of dey slaves ages.  Dey wuz jes' like chickens- like so 

many chichens."

	"I knows I wuz er married 'oman when de wah come, en dey says

I'se more'n a hundred, en Nannie she say I'se about 117.  But I jes'

doan know.  Anyhow, I knows dat God's been awful good ter me."

	"My mother wuz Betsy Hawkins, en my father wuz Milo Hawkins.

How us come ter have de name of Hawkins, I caint say; kaze de on'y 

slave owners I knowed wuz Scotts en Perrys.  Dey owned all our fam'ly,

my grandmother, my mother en father, Mary, Fannie, Sophia, Marcie, Har-

vey, Charles en John - Jack dey called him.  You see de Scott girl mar-

ried en ter de Perry fam'ly, en dey jes give em er lot er slaves, en so 

all our fam'ly wuz dey property."

	"Dey nebber did give me er whippin, but dey sho done wuk me hard.

I done er man's wuk on de place; puttin' up stone fences en rail fences,

splittin' rails, breakin' hemp, plowin' fiel's, doin' cawn plantin', en 

eny thing de men spose ter do, en I wuz sposed ter say nothin'.  De good

Lord an'y knows jes' what I'se been t'rough."

	"I member when one of my mother's sisters run of en got safe en 

ter Canady.  she wuz er fine 'oman en she diden keer fer nothin', on'y

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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Lucy Ann Warfield, Ex-Slave Narrative


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