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Julia Ann James, Ex-Slave Narrative

sho' wuz hard, fer us diden git nothin' fer the cattle en stock ter feed on."

	"In 1879 I came up ter Gallipolis, Ohio.  I marred dat year ter

Thomas James, fum Virginia.  Us moved here in 1882, en went out on Joe

Foster's farm.  Den finelly us moved en ter tow."

	"My husband en nine of my chillun are daid.  Dey's three boys en

one girl left."

	"Hen us wuz en Nawth Cahilina, us allus went ter Marse Drewery's

church.  He wuz Baptist.  But atter freedom us went to our own church, en

it wuz er Methodist church.  Dey sung lots o' ole fashion songs.  Sometimes

I can think o' more'n enough of em, but right now I cant think of nothin'

but: "I Want Ter Go Ter Heaven When I Die",  "Want Ter Cross Jordan",
Doan you Grieve atter Me",  Swing Low Sweet Chariot."

Interviewed at her Residence, 234 Buxton Ave.

Editors note:

	Julia Ann James is 83 years old.  Her color is light brown.

She is short and heavy set.  Owing to rheumatism and other infirmities of

old age she is not able to do any active work.

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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Julia Ann James, Ex-Slave Narrative


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