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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia

Accordinly I went, and expected to find him there, but it appear'd 

that he had sent there one of his own Domestic Servants to 

show me the way to him.  This Servant I followed closely to the 

Palais de Bourbon.  When arriv'd there he conducted me through 

several Rooms, and at length left me in a Spacious Appartment, 

in which were two of three Prussian Officers who were on guard 

for the day.  Here I remain'd some time when another of his 

Domestic's came up, and desired me to follow him.  He led me 

thro' three other rooms into a fourth, in which was a Gentleman 

who said "the Emperor is in the next-room and expects you" and 

immediately opened the door.

     At this moment I felt a little embarrassed as to what I should 

say, but I was instantly relieved from this feeling by the 

affability and condescention of the Emperor.  He came to meet me 

to the very door, he then took my hand into his own, and led me into 

the room and immediately broke silence by addressing me in English.  

He said (still continuing my hand in his own) that he considered I 

had done him Honour, by coming from England expressly to 

see him - he was not in the habit of making Compliments 

- he meant what he said - he should not easily forget my visit.  

I had only done him justice when I considered him to be the 

Friend of the Poor Africans,

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Thomas Clarkson Papers

Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia


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