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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia

When I arrived at Paris the Emperor of Russia had just 

left it to review his Armies on the plains of Vertus, which journey 

occupied some days.

      On his return to Paris I wrote him a 

Letter; I stated this in substance, that having heard when he 

was in London from the Duke of Gloucester, from M Wilberforce, 

Sir Rob Wilson, and from those thrice good Men of the religious 

Society of Quakers, Mr. Grillet, Wilkinson, and Allen, to whom 

he had granted an audience for two hours, of the Interest which 

he had taken in the cause of the unhappy Africans.

     I had sent him a compleat set of my Works, thro' the hands of 

Lady Warren, which she deliver'd to Count Nesselrode as a Small 

Testimony of the esteem and respect I felt for him on that Account.

     But on a further consideration of the subject, I had not 

been satisfied with myself, and knowing that he was at Paris, 

which was comparatively but a small distance, I had determined 

to go thither to thank him in person for all his efforts on behalf 

of this injured People, and to implore, should any further oppor-

tunity offer a continuance of his favor towards them.
     This letter I carried to the Baroness Krudener a 

Russian Lady of Quality, and sat and conversed with her 

on the subject of it for nearly an hour.  The Baroness 

is a Lady of the most exemplary life, she devotes her time to 


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Account of an Interview with Emperor Alexander I of Russia


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