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Colored American Republican Text Book
dation of the Republicans, and to cause every one of us to stand
fast by the party which affords the race an assurance of domestic
tranquility and the promotion of its welfare.  The distinguished
honors conferred upon our leaders and the great power placed
in their hands are indisputable evidences of the phenomenal
progress of the race and that the hour of just political and civil
recognition is at hand.--Colored American, Oct. 22, '98.

                 STICK TO THE FACTS.
  We say that the Philippine Islands are not in rebellion against
the United States; that the Filipinos themselves are not in rebel-
lion; that as a matter of fact most of the inhabitants of the
islands are entirely satisfied with the government that we shall
give them, and that the insurrection is confined entirely to one
tribe, the Tagals, and that this insurrection exists only in the
neighborhood of the one city of Manila. If these anti-imperial-
ists, as they call themselves, wish to gain the respect of ordinary
people they ought to stick to the facts. Aguinaldo is the head of
the insurrection, and he is the head simply because he thinks
there is profit to himself in leading a rebellion. The rest of the
tribes and the rest of the islands would not submit to the dic-
tatorship of Aguinaldo, and if we should retire our armies and
leave these islanders to themselves anarchy would prevail, and
Aguinaldo would find upon his hands half a dozen separate and
distinct rebellions.
  The Philippine islands came to us through the fortunes of
war. When Dewey's fleet sailed into Manila bay we had no idea
of acquiring them, but a great nation like the United States has
its duties of humanity to perform in addition to its business in-
terests. With the best of motives in view, the Administration
sought to solve the Philippine problem.  In the midst of this
solution, Aguinaldo promoted insurrection.  Until this rebel is
defeated and full surrender has come, there is nothing for us to
do except to wage warfare, and that warfare will be waged in
spite of Boutwell, Senator Hoar, Tillman, Altgeld, Atkinson,
Lentz and the other men of treason.--Philadelphia Inquirer.


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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