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Letter from Reed Paige Clark to Charles Young

Office of the General Receiver,                       Customs Receivership 
Monrovia.                                                   of the
                                                       Republic of Liberia.

                                                    October 21, 1915.

Dear Major Young:

I believe there is at Grand Bassa considerable mail from this 

office addressed to the Collector of Customs at Sinoe; possibly, too, 

there is mail for the Collectors at Nana Kru and Sasstown.  So far as 

I am aware none of my recent letters have got through to Sinoe, including 

two Pay-Sheets--the July Pay-Sheet sent to Bassa in care of the British 

Receiver on August 30th and a Special Pay-Sheet that the British Receiver 

took with him when he left Monrovia.  I am especially anxious that these 

two Pay-Sheets get through as soon as possible.

     When the schooner, R.L.S. "President Howard," calls at Bassa,- 

as is intended, I believe,- I wish she would pick up all mail for Sinoe 

that is lying there.  This letter will be your warrant for taking up 

any mail I have sent from this office.

Yours very sincerely,

Reed Paige Clark.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Reed Paige Clark to Charles Young


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