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Letter from Charles Young to Secretary of War
				Wilberforce, Ohio, April 19, 1918.

From:	Chas. Young, Col. U.S. Army, retd.

To:	The Hon. The Secretary of War.

Subject:	Asking for work.

1. I beg to cal the personal attention of the Secretary of 
War to the recommendation of the Examining Board in my case, now in 
the office of the Adjt. General, and which was to the effect that the 
"finding of the Medical Officers be waived in my case and that I 
should be advanced to my next grade and be retained in the service 
during the period of the war."
2. Not the findings of the Surgeons, but these proceedings 
of the Board with it's recommendations (unanimous), I understand 
were/approved by the Secretary of War; but that through an error 
the words "active duty" were used instead of "active service", which 
brought/about my retirement.
3. Despite the diagnosis of the Doctors, I feel as physically 
fit as I did during the hard work in Mexico [word "service" written in pencil above Mexico] with Gen. Pershing.  I there-
fore, deem it my duty to my Country to inform the Secretary of War 
that I believe myself wholly able to assume the work of organization 
training and leading troops in the field.  
To help in the Country's service is my sole motive 
in making this direct request.
4. Giving me this chance will but be in line with the National 
reputation of the Secretary of War for unfailing fairness in deal-
ing with all men, and I submit, will in no small way enhance the 
enthusiasm of the Colored people throughout the United States for 
the tremendous war task in which we are engaged.

Chas. Young,

Besides I have an abiding conviction that in the present 
need of the country for higher officers who [crossed out word "have"] know the 
trade of war that I [crossed out "h"] can not honorably take advantage 
of a technicality or an error and thus escape my plain 

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Charles Young to Secretary of War


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