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William P. Hogue, Ex-Slave Narrative

File                                           District #6
Copied                                         Clark County
1/15/41                                       Racial Group

                   WILLIAM P. HOGUE

                   Ex-slave, age 76.

     "I wuz bawned a slave in Halifax County, Virginia, April 27,1861.

I reely doan member nothin bout slavery, but I heard my mother an' de

older chillun tell bout. things whut happened."

     "Dey wuz seven of us; mother an' father, an' five us chillun.

I wuz named after my father, William P. Hogue, an' my mother's name

wuz Grace.  We wuz owened by Dr. P. Hogue.  He had two plantations an'

a lot of slaves.  He had a big fine house, settin' in about 14 acres

called de home farm.  Dey raised a lots of cawn, terbaccer, an' wheat,

an' regular garden stuff, an' cattle."

      "Dr. Hogue had two sons in de Rebel army, an' he used to press

his slaves in de Rebel service to do de hard wuk, an' be pu'snal

slaves fur his boys.  Father wuz pressed in de Rebel army, an' he

died 'fore he came back.

      "Atter de war we stayed on fur a few yeahs on Dr. Hogue's place,

den we moved furder out in de country on a place of our own.  I finely

moved up to Paris, Kentucky, where I married an' all five of my chillun

wuz bawn dere.  I moved to Springfield about 25 years ago."

      "I diden' git much chance to go to school.  I member I had a

book one day when we wuz on Dr. Hogue's place, an' I got a whippen,

 an' dey done tole me, doan nary  let em ketch me wid a book a'gin. '

Bout two years ago I went to de 'ergency School, an' I larnt to read


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William P. Hogue, Ex-Slave Narrative


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