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Letter from Charles Young to D.E. Howard, President, President of Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia,
12th October, 1915.

His Excellency
D.E. Howard,
President, Rep. Of Liberia.

Dear President:

    I have the honor to reply at length to the article 
of Hon. T. McCants-Stewart in the A.M.E. Review as follows:
    1st.   I think that the article as a whole is unfair 
to yourself, in that it holds you responsible for the "system" 
of government that obtains here:  No man can touch or modify 
a system with a presto change.  It takes years to make it and 
as many to undo it.  Again the article holds you responsible 
for the whole government, the Cabinet, and the susceptibilities 
and peculiarities of the Liberian people.  The judicial mind 
of the eminent gentleman must clearly see this.  I only wish 
you had all the power he attributes to you and I am sure things 
Liberian would be far better.  So you can see I can not in the 
main endorse these statements.
     You have my hearty consent to stating without qualifi-
cation that since I have been here we have worked together har-
moniously and whole heartedly.  You have given me every sup-
port in your power; you have sought my advice and have taken it 
absolutely and cheerfully when given.  More than that you have 
given me power to use your name in ordering things to rights in 
the Republic where I thought it necessary; in discharging the 
duties of re-habilitating, training, and disciplining the 
Frontier Force; and of opening up highways for trade and military

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Charles Young Collection

Letter from Charles Young to D.E. Howard, President, President of Liberia


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