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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session

   Do you not recall those thrilling words at Boston
last year -- Boston that had reviled him, and which
now rose to acclaim him when he stood on the
platform of Symphony Hall this night one year
ago? At that time he said:
      "With our race, as it has been and always will
    be with all races, without economic and business
    foundation it is hardly possible to have educational
    and religious growth and political freedom. . .
    An ounce of application is worth a ton of abstrac-
    tion. We must not be afraid to pay the price for
    success--the price of sleepless nights, the price
    of toil when others rest, the price of planning to-
    day for tomorrow, this year for next year. If some-
    one else endures the hardships, does the thinking,
    and pays the salaries, someone else will reap the
    harvest and enjoy the reward.
      "To accomplish what I have indicated, we must
    have a united race, men who are big enough and
    broad enough to forget and overlook personal and
    local differences and each willing to place upon the
    altar all that he holds for the benefit of the race
    and our country. . . . .
      "No matter how poor you are, how black you are,
    or how obscure your present work and position, I
    want each one to remember that there is a chance
    for him, and the more difficulties he has to over-
    come, the greater will be his success."
  In these words are to be found the touch-stone
of success, and it is to the credit of our race that
it has been willing to listen and to follow his wise
teachings, the advice of this man who always spoke
for truth and justice; "who knew wisdom and


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Memorial Address [on Booker T. Washington] Delivered by Emmett J. Scott, Secretary, at 17th Annual Session



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