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Colored American Republican Text Book

  Lieutenant colonel, Thaddeus W. Jones, captain Tenth Cav-
  Majors, Sedgwick Rice, first lieutenant Seventh Cavalry;
Alexander L. Dade, first lieutenant Third Cavalry; John How-
ard, first lieutenant Nineteenth Infantry.
  Forty-ninth Regiment--Colonel, William H. Beck, captain
Tenth Cavalry.
  Lieutenant colonel, Arthur C. Ducat, captain Twenty-fourth
  Majors, Ernest Hinds, first lieutenant Second Artillery; Geo.
W. Kirkman, captain Twenty-third Infantry; James W. Brott,
captain Twenty-fourth Infantry.
  Following are the company officers (colored) of the Forty-
eighth Regiment.
  Captains, John Buck, first sergeant Troop B, Tenth  Cavalry;
Thomas Campbell, late first lieutenant  Company L, Seventh
United States Volunteer Infantry; William H. Brown, sergeant-
major Ninth Cavalry; Carter P. Johnson, Tenth Cavalry; Thos.
Grant, late first lieutenant Company F,Tenth United States Vol-
unteer Infantry; Robt. R. Rudd, late captain Company A, Ninth
Battalion Ohio Volunteers; James E. Hamlin, late captain Third
North Carolina Volunteer Infantry; Pleasant Webb, late cap-
tain Sixth Virginia Volunteers; William A. Hankins, late cap-
tain Sixth Virginia Volunteers; Leon W. Denison, late captain
Company K, Eighth Illinois Volunteers; Stephen Starr, late sec-
ond lieutenant Ninth United States Volunteer Infantry; Alex-
ander Richardson, late first lieutenant Ninth United States Vol-
unteer Infantry.
  First lieutenants, L. H. Smith, first sergeant Troop M, Tenth
Cavalry; Peter McGown, first sergeant Troop E, Tenth Cavalry;
William H. Allen, sergeant Company A, Ninth Cavalry; John
H. Anderson, squadron sergeant-major, Ninth Cavalry; Charles
O. Thomas, late lieutenant Eighth United States Volunteer In-
fantry; Jerry M. White, late first lieutenant Twenty-third Kan-
sas; James F. Powell, late second lieutenant Indiana Volunteers;
H. B. Brown, late first lieutenant Third North Carolina Volun-
teer Infantry; H. J. Parker, late first sergeant United States


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Colored American Republican Text Book


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