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Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner
now my dear what do you think of it I did    I meet your 
approbation in  accepting?  I can serve my country in that 
capacity  as well as in any other and if any of my friends turn 
up their noses never mind it I can buy them [?] their favors with 
my wages.
Tell me you are content and I do not care what the rest of the 
world may say.  
I acknowledge the receipt  of a letter from Sake.  I rec'd  a 
letter from her sent by Snook(?)
Excuse this short letter it is to warm tonite  much I intend to 
see you before the 30th of  Sept. set that down..
I must assist in writng a letter to Sake(?) & Mechs(?).  Lt. 
Richardson & I are writing this afternoon.
If  Alex Kentner(?) will give $350. dollars for our land let him 
have it.  How would you like to spend two or three months in the 
South?  No more at this time         Good bye.

Your husband,

Jacob Brunner

Direct as usual until you hear from me.


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Jacob Bruner Papers

Letter from Jacob Bruner to Martha J. Bruner


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