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Letter from Tracy? Adjutant General of the Army to Charles Young

War Department,
The Adjutant General's Office,

January 7, 1916.

From:  	The Adjutant General of the Army.
To:  	Major Charles Young, 10th Cavalry, 
		944 T Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C.
Subject:	Efficiency record.

     1.    You are informed that the letter addressed to you, 
by Honorable D.E. Howard, President of Liberia, dated Monrovia, 
Liberia, November 24, 1915, and the letter addressed to you, by 
Richard C. Bundy, Charge d'Affaires ad interim, Monvoria, Liberia, 
dated November 20, 1915, have been noted on your compiled effi-
ciency record.

     2.    The following entry has also been made on your com-
piled efficiency record.

     1915.    Under date of November 17, 1915, Honorable 
     C.D.B. King, Secretary of State, Monrovia, Liberia, 
     in a letter to the American Charge d'Affaires, Monro-
     vis, Liberia, said: "I have the honor to acknowledge 
     the receipt of your note of yesterday's date, con-
     veying the information that Major Charles Young has 
     been relieved of duty as military attache to your Le-
     gation by The Adjutant General, United States Army; 
     and that in compliance with instructions, the Major 
     expects to leave Monrovia within the next two weeks.  
     In noting the information thus conveyed, I cannot but 
     here record the Liberian Government's grateful appre-
     ciation of the most valuable services rendered the Re-
     public by Major Young, in connection with the reorgan-
     ization of its Frontier Force during his short stay in 
     Liberia - services which will always stand as a monu-
     ment to the Major's name in the military annals of the 
     Republic.  It is sincerely regretted that duty else-
     where renders it impossible for the Republic to further 
     draw upon Major Young's ripe military knowledge and ex-
     perience.  He carries with him, however, in his new field 
     of activity, the love and best wishes of a grateful people.  
     I avail myself of this opportunity to personally testify 
     to the effective work accomplished by the Major during his 
     stay in Liberia and to the lasting benefits that must 
     result to the Republic therefrom."

By order of the Secretary of War.

Js. P. Tracy
Adjutant General.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from Tracy? Adjutant General of the Army to Charles Young


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