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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902
truly righteousness in the fear of God.  Not the righteousness of
our own way, for there is a way that seemeth right to a man,
but the end of that man is death. Many Nations have been
brought down to destruction because of sin, but those that lived
a righteous life were exalted. Sin will surely meet with a pun-
ishment at the end.
   Topic 4th, Essay on Dancing from a Scriptural Standpoint,
introduced by Rev. Obadiah Jones in an impressive manner. He
said that the ancient dance, as spoken of in the Scriptures, was
holy in the manner of praising God and expressing their joy, but
the late modern dance as conducted by the people is a sin and is
leading many to destruction. There was quite a brief debate by
the brethren.
    A motion prevailed that all indebtedness and bills be paid.
    Meeting adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning.
Benediction by Rev. I. V. Bryant.
    Western Union Baptist Minister's Institute met, Rev. R. D.
Grant, President, in the chair. Meeting opened by singing hymn,
"Am I a Soldier of the Cross?"  Scripture lesson, Romans 8th
chap. Prayer by Rev. G. W. Wyatt. Minutes of previous meet-
ing read and approved.
    Committee on Program made their report. The topics were
assigned as follows:
                      ANNUAL  SESSION.
    Topic 1st. Exeges, 51st Psalm, 12th and 13th verses. Rev.
G. W. Wyatt and Rev. Martin B. Lewis.
    Topic 2nd. A paper on Temperance. Rev. George W.
Jones and Rev. G. W. Ward.
    Topic 3rd.  Exeges, John, 4th chap. 35th verse.  Rev. T.
J. Carter and Rev. F. G. Brookins, B. D.
    Topic 4th. Minister's Call and Qualifications. Rev. J. J.
Jackson and Rev. L. M. Gray.
    6th. Sermon, Luke, 16th chap. 25th verse. Rev. G. W.
    Rev. J. M. Riddle, Critic of the Institute, made his report.
He said that there was considerable improvement on the debate
on Topics and Business. There was an unusual degree of spirit-


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Pamphlet Collection

Proceedings of the Thirtieth Anniversary at Cleveland, Ohio, 1902


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