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Notes for Episode I and 2 for the play "The North"
Episode. I. 	Freedom.

Spirit of Freedom walks out before curtain 
and poises in center - As curtain rises on North; first dawn 
then light - in the back ground are two doors and an 
Arch -(in center) over each door is the word "Trade" & 
"Industries" respectively; over the Arch is Under Ground 
R.R. - Coming from the scenes on the left are men & 
women with (lunch boxes & bundles) walking slowly 
and entering doors, going to one side so as not to be 
seen, the last how ever, unseen Fakes from his pocket 
or concealment, the tools of his trade and stands 
within the door way as if working : the worn an 
the same.
    A moment and a Quaker man & woman already 
concealed behind, appear[crossed out "s"] at the entrance of 
arch - Several slaves with letters & half clad 
come & fall at their feet imploring protection 
the woman throws a shawl or something over 
the woman slave & puts her thru the Arch, while 
the Quaker man removes chains & gives the 
man money & pushes him thru, just as an 
overseer crosses the stage with whip & dogs - 
The curtain of the U.G.R.R. drops - He stops 
to enquire at Industries, and as he passes Arch 
knocks - but gaining no admittance pass to next 
door & off.

[drawing of stage set up]

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Charles Young Collection

Notes for Episode I and 2 for the play "The North"


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