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Letter from D.E. Harrison, President and Commander in Chief to Major William H. York

Executive Mansion,
Monrovia, Liberia,
October 28th, 1915.

Major William H. York,
Officer Commanding the L.F.F.


     The Government is sending a Commission, composed of 
Hon. B.W. Payne, Chairman, Reed Paige Clark, James F. Cooper and 
B.J. Davis, to enquire into the cause of the trouble at Sinoe 
and to settle same as far as possible as per instructions here- 
with enclosed.
     You are hereby ordered to accompany the Commission 
with an armed force sufficient to enable them to carry out the 
said instructions.  
     The force shall immediately occupy Blue Barrow point 
before the Commission proceeds to the discharge of their duty.
     You shall at all times place the military force at 
the disposal of the Commission for the purpose of carrying out 
their instructions.
     The object of the Government is to restore peace and 
order peacefully, if possible, but should it become necessary on 
account of an attack or resistance by those now in rebellion, 
you are authorized and directed to use not only the Frontier 
Force at your command, but to call upon the Superintendent of 
Sinoe County for the militia of the 3rd Regiment to render their 
assistance in repelling force by force, in putting down any op-
position to the authority of the Government.

D.E. Howard
President and Commander-in-Chief, R.L.

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Item Description

Charles Young Collection

Letter from D.E. Harrison, President and Commander in Chief to Major William H. York


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