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America Barnett Manumission Paper
Pleas at the Court House in Cinnati, in the County of Hamilton, and State of
Ohio, of the Hamilton County Probate Court, within and for said County, at a session thereof
held at the place aforesaid, on the Second day of March
in the year of our Lord, on thousand eight hundred and fifty nine before the
Hon. George H. Hilton sole Judge of said Court

The State of Ohio
    Hamilton County

        Be it Remembered, That at a session of the Probate Court
within and for said County, held at the Court House in Cincinnati, on the second 
day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
fifty nine before the Hon. George H. Hilton sole Judge of
said Court, the following amongst other proceedings were then and there had to wit:
In the matter of the Emancipation
of America Barnett
                          This day comes
into open Court Robert Barnett, of the County of Lin-
coln and the State of Kentucky, and brought with him 
into Court his salve America Barnett and at the same 
time executed a deed of Emancipation to the said 
America Barnett, which is now found by the Court
to be well executed: And the Court also finds from
the testimoney of Green Barnett that said Robert Bar-
nett was the legal owner of said America Barnett
according to the laes of the State of Kentucky, - the
Court therefore finds that said America Barnett
is absolutely a free person of color in this State or
elsewhere, and order said deed to be recorded.

     And now the said deed is here, recorded, which
is in the words and figures to wit:
          - Deed-

Know all Men that I Robert Barnett of the County
of Lincoln in the State of Kentucky being now in the 
City of Cincinnati, State of Ohio, in consideration of
one dollar to me paid and for other good and suffici-
ent considerations, me there unto moving, do by these
presents emancipate and set free my negro girl
America Barnett aged forty seven years (47 years)
of balck color, five feet and three inches (5 feet 3 inches)

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America Barnett Manumission Paper


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