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Julia Ann James, Ex-Slave Narrative

      "I cud weave bed spreads en table cloths, too.  I wuz too short ter

reach up en wuk de loom right, but dey made a thing fer me ter stand

on, en manys de day I stood up ter de loom all day long."

      "Marse Drewry wuz'nt hard on us, en ge gives us passes to go fum

place ter place. But some er de slaves knowed how ter read en write, kaze

de chillun dey ud teach em- course de chillun wuz'nt 'lowed ter do it- en

den dem slaves what knowed how ter write ud mek out passes fer eny o' de

others, en not ask Marse Drewery."

      "When de Yankees come t'rough dey knowed how rich Marse Drewery

wuz, en dey done heerd he buried er big trunk o'gold en money.  Dey tried ter

git him ter tell where it wuz buried.  But he tuk de awfulest beatin', en

aint nebber tole em.  Den de Yankees tuk one o'de boys what dey t'ought

knowed, en punished em till dey tole. When dey found dat trunk d ey

trowed pennies en small coins ter all de slaves, en tuk all de silver en

gold dey want-tuk it all, I guess, cept what dey t'rowed ter us.  Way atter

de war, dey say folks found pennies roun' dere en de groun'.

      "I member when de first cullud boys left fun Nawth Cah'lina fer fe

war.  Father wuz with de Nawth Cah'lina sojers.  Us cud see de flash fum

firin' en de smoke, en it wuz nothin' fer us ter hear de raor[editorial mark] of de f[g]uns

day en night."

      "When freedom come dey wuz 500 slaves still on Marse  Drewery's  plan-

tations.  Frelin Hodge, one er de men had ter go roun' en tell slaves  dey 

wuz free, he come roun' ter our place en made er speech ter all o'  us,

 en says us wuz free."

      "Marse Drewery give all his folks er little start; one cow each, some

hogs, en a little patch er groun', en let em build er cabin.  Dat first year


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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Ex-Slave Narratives

Julia Ann James, Ex-Slave Narrative


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