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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3
282                   CHURCH REVIEW.

better order, the stores began to arrive.  The captain and other
officials visited the ship almost daily. The chief steward, find.
ing he had very little to do, very seldom stayed on board.  The
superintending of stowing away the stores was left entirely to
me.  This was noticed by all on board.
  One day, the steward came on board with a number of male
and female friends, and entertained them freely with a lunch
and wine. This I would have taken no notice of; but on refusing
to attend to them, we got into very strong words. He promised
to pay me off when we got out to sea, and refused to permit me
to go on shore, though he was on shore both night and day.
Time was getting short, and I wanted to go on shore to make
purchases for the long voyage of twelve months for which we
were bound.  The next day, the captain. Some government offi-
cials and some ladies came on board, and I was the only one to
attend to them. The captain asked me about the steward.  I
said, "he was on board for three hours yesterday, but I have
not seen him since."  This led to inquiry by the captain of
others on board, when he learned that the work was carried
on by me alone. He left word with me to send the steward to
his office at the Club. The second day after this, the captain
asked me why I had not obeyed his orders.  I told him I had
not seen the chief steward yet. The captain then gave orders
to the guard to take note of the time when the steward arrived.
This was reported to the captain, who asked me when I had been
on shore last. I told him the steward had forbidden my going
on shore for nearly a week, and that I had superintended the
receiving and putting away of the stores, and showed him by
my books all that had arrived; and the officer of the govern-
ment store showed him his book, with only my signature for
receipts of stores. I then asked the commander, as time was
getting short, to permit me to go on shore. He ordered me to
lock up the staterooms and cabins, placed a sentry on them,
told me I could have two days' leave and, in the meantime, to
call at his office at the Club. On my going on shore, I met the
steward, who became very angry with me for leaving the ship,
and threatened to report me to the commander for doing so.
He said there were plenty of better men than I, one of whom he
intended to take as his second; and if he was compelled to take
me, he would make it hot for me at sea. I paid very little atten-
tion to him and walked away. The second day, I called at the
commander's office, and, to my surprise, found that the chief
steward had been dismissed; I had been appointed in his place,
and a second had been appointed with orders to report to me on
the 1st of March. I hastened on board, and found my second
waiting for me with an enclosed letter. Here for the first time,
I found myself in a responsible position. The same day, two
other men came to me with closed letters; one as chief cook,
the other as second cook. I was now placed over three white
men. The next day, the commander came on board and had
these men called up to him.  In the presence of two other


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3

Volume:  06
Issue Number:  03
Date:  01/1890


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