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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3
340                   CHURCH REVIEW.

has His opposers, or doubters, at least, to-day.  He stands up
 to-day, claiming a place for His system of education, in Europe
and Americas in Germany, France, England and the United
States.  He stands up in the brightest age that ever dawned
on human learning. He stands up under the examination of
physiologists, chemists, mathematicians, historians and  sci-
entists, whose philosophic reach has put at a distance all former
research. He stands amidst the light of a civilization and
intellectual culture that this world has never seen  before,
 and His claims have been and are being tested under a light that
this world never had the strength to make before. He claims a
place for a system of edlucation in this age the proudest age of
learning among all the ages. I need not tell you that the name
of this teacher is Jesus, nor need I call the name of His system
of education. I need not tell you that it is the last and best sys-
tem of thought ever conceived for the higher guidance of man-
kind. But I will tell you, in a word, what the great infidel and
one of the greatest of scholars and historians of modern times
has said of Jesus. Hear him; it is Renan, the infidel, one of the
greatest of modern critics, who has examined the system of
teaching originated by Jesus of Nazareth. You will find this
sentence in his life of Jesus He says: "This humble, Jewish
peasant, conceived in his own individual mind a system of relig-
ion better adapted to the wants of humanity than any philoso-
pher who went before him, or that will probably ever come after
hims"  That is a great deal for such a man as Renan to say.
And it is this system of education, now, that we wish to call
your attention to, for a brief moment. The preacher of the
gospel is the man who first, above all, should be best acquainted
with the religious systems of education. And, right here, let
me say, that it seems to me that this department of education
and instruction includes large portions of all the other depart
ments.  I cannot tell you how much education a preacher may
have in this day without running any risk of being hurt by it.
Great learning helps to make a great preacher, in this great age
of learning. There may be great preachers without great
book-learning, 'tis true, and there are such; but, still, these so-
called unlearned men, after all, are not unlearned, except in
books.  They are all great observers, and great thinkers, and
good reasoners. They have all been great students of self, and
of nature, and society. And they are great in spite of their
ignorance of books. But they are few and far between. They
are men of a thousand, and not numerous. You and I need more
training and schooling than they did, to become great and wise,
and good in work.  We need more, and better, and longer intel
lectual training. We need more moral training, and we espe-
cially need more religious education. Now, then, what do we
mean by a religious education ? Do we mean merely to go a year
or two to a theological school, and get a smattering of the few
text-books used in such schools ? What is meant, I say, by a
theological education ? to put it in high-sounding and fashion-


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OHS/National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center Serial Collection

African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 6, Num. 3

Volume:  06
Issue Number:  03
Date:  01/1890


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